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We all know the therapeutic benefits of shopping and there is no better way to keep your clients thinking of your treatments and your center than a thoughtfully chosen product line. We not only can assist you in creating this line, but can advise you on how to choose and source the best products to to achieve your goals.  Here is a short list of the types of products that build loyalties and boost revenues:

  • Bags, bottles, and other transport items
  • Spa wear- robes, yoga, fitness, leisure
  • Scrubs, creams, skincare, lotions
  • Logo wear - hats, t-shirts, key chains, coffee mugs
  • Home and body scents
  • Home devices to extend or augment therapies offered

Adding Retail Therapy

Full Solution-Sales Training

E-Commerce can be tough, but it never closes and doesn't call in sick.  Properly  executed, it educates, extends relationships, provides additional sales and interest and continues to keep you fresh and relevant. We can help you identify and execute your e-strategy that establishes your company, new business line or new products and ensures you show up and STAY in page one of searches. Extensive research demonstrates that users give up looking for you or what you have to offer if you are not search-relevant. They do NOT give up looking, so they end up buying elsewhere. You can have the best site, products, prices, delivery and service, but if your clientele fail to find you they will find your competition first.  We can consult with you and help you develop a winning site, solid extension of your business and successful revenue streams!
Winning at E-Commerce
With an over 30 year history of consulting spas, health, wellness and recovery centers, our partners at DB Consulting Group can help you identify and establish all your revenue and sales strategies. Their progressive consultative sales training will enable your team to quickly determine a client's needs, establish rapport and become trusted advisors. Studies consistently prove that once this trust is earned, clientele are loyal and refer others freely. Developing your sales strategies early in the process will ensure readiness from the first contact and beyond. In fact, revenues are likely well before your grand opening, if properly executed. Some of the many topics covered in our courses include:

  • Turning calls and leads into appointments-How to get them in the door
  • Turning appointments into members or sales
  • Creating customers for life
  • Analyzing lead-to-sales ratios and steps to improve
  • Teaching staff what it is you REALLY "sell"
  • Breeding a sense of customer thrill as #1 focus
  • Effective lifestyle branding-what it is and how to achieve it
  • Creating effective taglines and mission statements
  • Full Educational training on salt therapies

Sales Strategies & Consulting

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