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Recovery centers, treatment center, salt therapy, therapy, treatment center director, spa director, detox center, detox, rehabilitation, treatment, natural treatment, natural remedy, salt room, salt chamber, salt wall, salt art, Himalayan salt wall

WOOD:  Our love of wood has much to do with its immediate connection with nature. Not only does it symbolize enduring strength, protection and stability but life in general! We found a most incredible example of these qualities and symbolism in the Bois D'Arc tree. This is our preferred wood for so many reasons. Not only does it epitomize life's ability to adapt and break free, it is a multi-serving tree that has a rich American History, grows fast and strong without irrigation, is readily available in our region, and is considered highly renewable resource.

Bois D'Arc translates as "arc of wood". Also known as Osage Orange, it was prized by the Osage Indian tribe as wood to make their bows. These tribes would often travel for miles in search of the tree for this purpose.  Today, Bois D'Arc wood is typically only utilized to create pens and bows.We are one of a very small group of artisans that create so much more from this fascinating wood. 

One of our lines that employs Bois D'Arc that we are very proud of is our CHEF PREP and SERVE Line. The wood has a density, durability and decay resistance that lends itself well as PREP BOARDS. Its incredible beauty and ability to accept a high polish makes it a stunning SERVING SURFACE as well.

  Bois D'Arc is still found today growing in Hedge Rows throughout the Plains States of America. Part of Franklin D. Roosevelt's Great Plains Shelterbelt Project of 1932, these trees were planted to, among other things; prevent soil erosion and modify weather! Their fast growth, twisted and gnarly nature and 3" thorns made it impenetrable to livestock and thieves, making it the perfect fence.  As barbed wire became more readily available, ranchers would use Bois D'Arc trees as fence posts and foundational footers due to its durability and resistance to decay.   If fact, so decay resistant that many banks would not grant mortgages unless the property used Bois D'Arc for its footers!

  We utilize these reclaimed footers and fence posts, fallen trees as well as those identified for progress in many other ways. A common use of these old fence posts and footers is in our SCULPTURE category.

The more research we did into the origins and properties, the more we realized this is not just pretty rock! It does more for us as humans than making a nice glow when lit. This rock is STORED or POTENTIAL ENERGY!  Our research quickly took us past creating lamps and candle holders! We discovered that it has, like all salt; a hygroscopic nature, meaning it draws moisture or humidity toward it. Further, it produces negative ions.  Negative ions bind with positive ions and cancel them out. Positive ions are associated with poor air quality and stagnant environments where dust, dander, debris, allergens, smoke, etc. are present. Conversely, negative ions are present in high quantities in mountainous regions, around lakes, streams, seasides, in meadows, in Thunderstorms, and basically ANYWHERE there is active nature!

  Negative ions have been well studied and attributed to an increase in well-being, improved sleep habits, reduction in stress and stress-related illnesses and so much more. WedMD noted in May 2006 some of the many psychological and physical benefits of a negatively ionic atmosphere. Negative ions have many physical benefits as well that are demonstrated by scientific data. One most notable benefit is of air quality improvement! Positive and Negative Ions attract and because the positive ion loses its charge, it falls to the ground to be cleaned up by typical cleaning means such as vacuuming, sweeping and dusting.

So apart from cleaning our air, this glorious rock of nature provides HEALTH & WELLNESS benefits from the outside in AND the inside out! Some of the ways we provide benefits from the outside in include our Bath Salts, Massage and Exfoliating Stones, Salt Scrubs and of course the lamps and candle holders. Some of the ways we supply these vast benefits from the inside out is through our Gourmet Salts, Sole, and our Chef Cooking and Serving Line. With over 84 minerals and trace elements present in this incomparable salt, our bodies accept and utilize it for its nutrients as opposed to working extra hard to remove chemicals and additives.

Our philosophy of taking materials that exist in nature or breathing new life and new "MEANING" into existing items is what we have coined as "GREEN ON GREEN".  Taking a natural resource and using it consciously AND conscientiously, in order to reap its many benefits while ensuring that their beauty and purpose live on and ON is what we strive for! With the CLASSICAL ELEMENTS in consideration, we use EARTH in all of our creations.  EARTH can be subdivided into the following subsections:

             ~ STONE

             ~ WOOD

             ~ METAL

STONE is without a doubt our personal favorite and the most recurrent material we employ in our products. Some examples of the STONE we use:


        ~  TRAVERTINE

        ~  MARBLE

        ~  QUARTZ

        ~  QUARTZITE

        ~  LIMESTONE

        ~  TURQUOISE

Of these stones, by far our greatest utilization is HIMALAYAN SALT CRYSTAL. We chose this rock as one of our main materials for multitude reasons, primarily its HEALTH & WELLNESS properties.  Secondarily, and it is a close second; is its absolute astonishing beauty. When we first discovered this amazing rock, we were stunned to find out it was SALT! Not just any salt, but salt from The Primal Sea!

The Elements of