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It is a well known fact in the culinary world that dry aging of meats is superior to wet aging.  What was once a commonplace practice is now considered a lost art that is regaining its place among discriminating and creative chefs. Wet aging is known to maintain weights which correlated to profits. Dry aging preserves and improves flavors, thereby commanding higher prices.
  Choosing Himalayan Salt for your Dry Aging room provides a host of additional benefits. The minerals and trace elements present in this salt are released into the room and thereby absorbed into the meat, increasing its nutritional value and further enhancing flavor.  As additional bonuses, the salt acts as a natural air purifier and an amazingly beautiful backdrop!
  The dry-aging process, which allows naturally occurring bacteria in the meat to thrive; takes time and precision. The process minimizes the “bad” bacteria from growing while “good” bacteria breaks down the collagen that connects muscle fibers. The meat's water will begin to evaporate, intensifying the flavor and tenderizing the meat, which ultimately shrinks up to 30 percent, depending on the chef's tastes and requirements. It develops a dry, dark reddish-brown bark on the exterior that is trimmed prior to cutting the product into steaks.
  Meat ages in a cool room, often on a wood or metal rack. Any colder than 33 degrees and the biochemical process stops working; if it gets over 38 degrees it will likely begin to spoil. Humidity should range between 40 and 70 percent, with air circulating constantly. While several methods are available to achieve these parameters, adopting a Himalayan Salt strategy, like David Burke’s Primehouse in Chicago has; contributes so much more than incredible tasting meat. It is the attention grabbing "sizzle" that places AND KEEPS restaurants at the top of the discretionary spender's minds and appetites. Check out just one of many articles here:
  Serving sides, appetizers and even desserts on or in our Himalayan Salt slabs, tiles, bowls and glasses adds to the mystique and allure. Finishing salts, take-home items and Himalayan Salt restaurant decor can subtly or overtly aid in incorporating your overall implementation plan. ELEMEANTS ARCHITECTURAL® will assist you through the abundant options available.
  At ELEMEANTS ARCHITECTURAL®, we offer bricks, slabs, and composite panels in many sizes, shapes and unique configurations. Whether constructing walls and rooms or lining ovens and prep surfaces, we offer all the materials needed to execute. In addition, we offer our own patented compact units and Halogenerators for full atmospheric control and instant Dry Aging room set up. These solutions will enable you to adopt Himalayan Salt into your aging process and restaurant strategy instantly  while working through creating fascinating dining experience elements as well. This phased approach greatly increases the ROI and significantly reduces timeframes to realize these returns!
  Adding ELEMEANTS EPICURE® line to your cooking, searing and serving repertoire will quickly, easily and inexpensively set you well above the competition. Not only will it provide a most unique flavor to your meats, veggies, cheeses, fruits and desserts, it will give an unforgettable presentation. The salt has extreme +/- temperature tolerances, so can sizzle & sear and chill & freeze with equal beauty, allure and health properties.
  Add-on sales for home use is one of the many options for increasing revenues and interest in your Himalayan Salt endeavor. Carrying ELEMEANTS CHEF PREP & SERVE Line, finishing salts and candle holders will allow your diner's experience to live on and create new loyalties! White label options, branding, custom pieces and laser engraving are also available.
  To really bring your restaurant into a new dining dimension, ELEMEANTS can help you create Himalayan Salt Architecutural elements. From backlit walls to entire Dry Aging Rooms, when strategically placed can transform a once hidden section into a showspace! Several new lucrative revenue streams can be created through tours, presentations, demonstrations, cooking classes and VIP and Chef Table seating. The light illuminating through the Himalayan Salt Block walls provides a unique ambiance that when designed properly, allows a view of the wall and its alluring glow and if desired; shields the aging meats from eyesight during dining. Some restaurants' focus on the dry aging process is so integral to their overall philosophy, the Salt Wall of the Aging Locker becomes the focus!
  Due to the stone's ability to maintain temperature, lining a wall of a wine room will transform it into an exotic cave and and will aid in humidity and temperature control.
 With trends shifting more toward the overall dining experience, Executive Chefs and General Managers in today's competitive upmarket culinary world are expected to perform so much more than ever before. No longer just Masters of cuisine and financials, you have to be Masters of identity and media as well! ELEMEANTS ARCHITECTURAL fits perfectly into branding your facility AND yourself with our headline grabbing and sustainable Himalayan Salt Line!
  ELEMEANTS ARCHITECTURAL is your single source solution and can help you define, design and implement strategies for incorporating this fascinating salt. ELEMEANTS Himalayan Salt~Culinary Applications with Design Implications!  For more information or to schedule an appointment

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