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Restaurants & Hospitality Applications



55 LBS $189



2.2 LBS $15

ELEMEANTS offers design and installation services as well as material supply.  Give us a shout and we can work with you on just the right strategy and phased approach!

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What was once the standard for aging meats, Dry Aging has regained favor as it retains flavor-and significantly enhances it! Upscale, savvy and sophisticated diners demand the very best and drive trends both in cuisine as well as atmosphere and overall experience. Adopting an in-house Dry Aging strategy can create headlines, reinforce loyalties, increase profits and provide relatively quick new revenue streams, while offering some unique branding opportunities for Chef and facility alike. What better way to adopt this trend than with this healthy and gorgeous salt? Installing a wall in your cooler or locker will aid in lowering the relative humidity to choice levels while purifying the air and imparting a healthy mineral rich essence to the meats.
Our decor and table line for hospitality is easy care and durable. Naturally anti-microbial and anti-bacterial, it is a natural surface for the food service industry! Candle holders, lighting, butter plates, shot glasses, salt bowls, grinders and sushi and charcuterie plates to name just a sampling! It handles extremes of temperatures and is the ultimate in recyclable!  If an item breaks, it can be used in many more ways throughout your facility! Private label offerings of all services items available and will further increase revenues and interest.
Adding ELEMEANTS ARCHITECTURAL designs to your facility will help to promote your new prep and serve strategy as well as give your guests a healthy, alluring and romantic environment to lounge in, tying everything in from cocktail through final check. Properly performed, your strategy will create indelible experiences to share, reminisce and repeat. Our structural materials come in a host of sizes, shapes and textures that blend well into many decor and design styles and are easy to install and care for. Applications include:

                                   Walls                          Bar Tops                            Lamps, Lighting and Illuminations 
                                        Pillars                         Counters                            Custom Water and Fire Designs 
                                        Wall Art                      Table Tops                          Etched/Engraved Logo Art
                                   Fire Pits                      Massive Boulders                Architectural Pieces

ELEMEANTS offers a comprehensive line of unique culinary prep and serve items guaranteed to WOW your diners and enhance the flavor and overall appeal of your dishes. From our cooking and finishing salts to our full sized thick slabs; the applications are endless! Entirely new dishes and presentations can be added to your menu.  We can assist you in implementing this healthy and intriguing salt in all aspects of your dining repertoire. Here is a brief sampling of some of our products and applications.

  Prep and Finish Salts in fine through coarse grinds
     Cooking Slabs, Plates and Bowls
  Bricks and Slabs for Prep surfaces and to line ovens