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Some of the MANY Positive Effects of Halotherapy:

  • Increased energy
  • better cell regeneration
  • Improves most breathing issues
  • Helps to cleanse upper & lower respiratory tracts
  • Improves lung capacity and function
  • Improves athletic performance
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Fights skin issues
  • Improves mood
  • Reduces stress
Can't get to a spa? No spa in your area that has discovered this amazing therapy yet? While this exciting therapy is experiencing extremely high-growth rates, most spas, health & wellness centers, yoga studios and chiropractic clinics have yet to adopt it.  Feel free to pass along our web address to them to allow us to educate them on this wondrous therapy. In the meantime, we do have many ways that you can begin to take advantage of these benefits at home or at YOUR office. 

  • Salt Lamps- We have an extensive line that can make significant improvements the moment you plug them in! Sizes, styles and lighting options to suit everyone's taste, style and room size. Click HERE to browse our selections or contact us HERE for custom requests and sizing guides.
  • Salt Walls, Rooms and Home Saunas- You can browse some of our designs here on this site as well as see some starter kits HERE.   We work within your budget and time frames to create the perfect environment for your home. This is one of the fastest growth segments of this incredible trend! 
  • Salt Inhalers- These hand held inhalers are a great way to supplement when allergies attack! Click HERE to browse the selection.

Benefits at Home

Some of the MANY Positive Effects of Negative Ions:

  • Enhanced Memory and Focus
  • Increased Cell Regeneration​
  • ​Reduces Airborne Allergens
  • Increased Energy
  • Improved Mood
  • Relieves Stress
  • ​Better sleep
At ELEMEANTS, we are always seeking new meaning of nature's wonders and treasures. The  more our team  researches Himalayan  Salt and salt therapies
the  more  interesting,  complex and  beneficial  we discover it to be! 

Salt Therapy can be divided into two prime categories: Wet and Dry.

Some examples of Wet therapies: 
  • baths
  • Neti Pots
  • saline nebulizers 
  • Sole or brines
The Dead Sea Bathers have known for eons of these benefits. An Espom Salt Bath is yet another centuries old and proven example of Wet salt therapy.
Some examples of Dry therapies: 
  • Himalayan Salt lamps
  • Himalayan Salt candle holders
  • Aerosolized nebulizers
  • Salt Inhalers
  • Halotherapy and Speleotherapy 

Halotherapy and Speleotherapy are two therapeutic remedies  that work by replicating the micro climates of salt mines. The key differences between the two lie in the delivery and concentration of salt.

Speleotherapy - Is a non-medical method of prevention and treatment in the micro-climate of salt mines or caves. This remedy has been used and studied for centuries and its therapeutic discovery traces back to the 14th Century where improvements in breathing issues were noted in miners. In 1843, Dr. Felix Boczkowski, a medical doctor at the Wieleczka Salt Mine in southern Poland, wrote that the miners did not suffer from lung diseases that other community member did at that time. His work and that of his successors established Speleotherapy in the medical community and they set up a spa based on these observations.
In more modern times, Dr. Karl Hermann Spannagel noticed that his patients that hid in salt caves during the bombing of World War ll, also experienced health improvements. Today, clinics and spas are common throughout Eastern Europe and with continued and extensive research and development, have morphed into Halotherapy. Speleotherapy outside of salt caves, is a more passive approach and utilizes salt walls, lamps, and other decor items in large volumes in an attempt to replicate a salt mine atmosphere. These walls are crafted using a wide array of methods. One method is coating or spraying on salt substances to the walls, floors and ceilings of a therapy room. Another method is the use of chunks, bricks, tiles and slabs as materials. The intent is that these enormous quantities of salt will disperse into the air to be breathed while sitting in these special rooms. Therapy times range from 30-60 minutes or more and often take weeks to produce results for difficult conditions. ​

Halotherapy- Is also the replication of the microclimate of a salt mine but designed to improve treatment times and efficacies. Halotherapy uses a more active delivery method by employing the use of Halogenerators. These devices take small amounts of pharmaceutical grade salt, Sodium Chloride; and grind it into fine particulates that are about the size of a red blood cell! These particulates are aerosolized into the room or "cave" to be breathed by clients in sessions lasting from 15-45 minutes. The antimicrobial, antibacterial, and antifungal salt particles reach the deep cavities within the lungs, helping to break up mucus and toxins. When our lungs are clean, we can absorb more oxygen, which in turn gives us more energy! 

Some of these highly specialized machines can even "dial in" the salt particulates based on the client's needs. Salt Spas or Caves have solutions ranging from individual pods or beds, rooms, chambers and cabins as well as enormous rooms for group sessions and specialized salt room for children to play in.

Due to the fact that the Halogenerator creates the atmosphere, design options are immense! Some centers choose to create modern day fantasy themed salt rooms, while others have more of an upscale, serene approach. When creating a Salt Therapy Center for our clients, we prefer to create a unique and aesthetic space that will have enduring appeal to your clientele. After collaborating with your team, we determine your goals and work together to devise a plan and design that will optimize your investment and create and sustain new therapies and clients! Though there are companies who offer pre-fabricated or "theme-park" type designs, ours takes more of a artistic and blended approach that takes current themes, modalities and philosophies into consideration and blends them for a fully integrated and enduring effect. The aerosolized salt is breathed in to the deepest parts of the lungs, absorbing impurities while breaking up mucus.

Negative Ions: Contrary to the way it sounds, negative ions are actually quite positive for us!  As our world becomes more and more advanced, our environments actually begin to suffer. As our homes and work environments become more air-tight and energy-conscious, they can produce their own micro-climate of stale, artificial air. Electronics add to this effect by positively charging the air molecules, creating positive ions. One of the greatest benefits of Himalayan Salt is its ability to safely and effectively combat these ions! Salt, by its very nature, is hygroscopic; meaning is attracts water. This effect increases when the salt is warmed even slightly. It begins to "sweat" and in doing so produces ions that are negatively charged. We have all heard that positives and negatives attract, and when this occurs on a molecular level, the negatives CANCEL OUT the positives! The net result is cleansed, purified air. Negative ions exist anywhere there is active nature. Waves crashing to the shore, waterfalls, wind through leaves and trees, lighting and rain storms, etc. The feeling that we get from a day at the beach, scaling a cliff, splashing through a stream or bird-watching and rock picking has much to do with our love of natural environment as it does with what that environment is scientifically doing to our psyche!