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      Health & Wellness Cures

We offer many options for those interested in adding a wall or two of this glorious and health rich rock to your home, office, business or hospitality space.  Likewise, we can assist you in creating entire rooms for tranquility and relaxation or highly specialized rooms for breathing, skin, athletic recovery and other health therapies. As an addition to your spa, yoga, fitness or other health & wellness facility or as a stand-alone business venture; these rooms provide intensive value and new, sustainable revenue streams. Click HERE for more information or to set up a time to explore the options available.

    The Himalayan Salt Cure
          Dry Aging Meat Cures

It is a well-known fact in the culinary world that dry aging is far superior to wet aging. Adding Himalayan Salt blocks to your Dry Aging room allows the minerals and trace elements to be absorbed into the meat as it is aging, thereby increasing its nutritional value and enhancing the flavor! We offer wall bricks and slabs in many sizes, composite wall components as well as surface blocks. Our Himalayan Salt rooms allow your dry age space to become a show room and can bring additional revenues for chef table reservations, VIP seating, demonstrations, tours, etc. Having one of these rooms in view also makes an alluring and unique luxury experience for your exclusive guests! Click HERE for more information or to set up a time to explore the available options.