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Salt Therapy & Wellness

Spa Magazine recently discussed this growing US therapeutic trend and its many benefits for its members and their clients. To read the article 

Find out what the Salt Therapy Association has to say!  Learn more about the benefits of owning or attending a Salt Spa!

Dr. Oz is a strong proponent of Salt Therapies. Here's what he recently discussed on his show!

At ELEMEANTS ARCHITECTURAL® , we are experts at consulting, designing and installing salt walls, rooms, beds, cabins, saunas and overall implementation of salt therapies. We have several compact solutions, with patents pending; that will enable your company to immediately begin offering the amazing benefits of salt therapy to your clients, while developing and executing your fully integrated salt strategy.  We are the only company to be able to do this!

ELEMEANTS can assist you with projections, cost estimations, total cost of ownership analysis, return on investment timetables as well as ongoing support.

​​In addition, our ELEMEANTS LIFESTYLES® line includes lamps, candle holders and unique illuminations, furniture and decor items, scrubs, bath salts, massage stones and edible products. These items make excellent additions to your salt spa, treatment rooms and therapy repertoire and greatly assist in marketing and promoting your new salt therapy as a lifestyle! Ask us about our private label line called ELEMEANTS RETAIL THERAPY® that will enable you to add your name and logo to these lines.

Reach out to us to set up a time to get together to begin your Salt Spa research.

SpaFinder ranked Salt Rooms, Beds and Chambers in their Top 3 Trends since 2011