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​​Benji was born in Atlanta and now lives in Texas. A natural born artist, he also love rocks and nature, music, soccer, basketball and other sports. His favorite mediums are Himalayan Salt, Natural Stone and Wood. We are proud to have him as part of our team!




Our Lifestyles line incorporates our philosophies of utilizing natural, reclaimed and recycled materials, bringing new meaning to items that will make you feel good to display and use in your home or business. This line offers many one-of-a-kind items and custom creations as well as our popular items available in greater quantities.


If you have product lines, creations, projects or items that you feel work within our philosophies and would like to list them here, please reach out to us to start a discussion. We are always interested in partnering on projects as well as finding ways of spreading the benefits of utilizing Earth's Treasures! For more information, please see our ARTISTS, DESIGNERS AND REMODELERS Page or CLICK HERE to contact us.

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At ELEMEANTS ARCHITECTURAL, we can assist you in creating walls, rooms, saunas and more out of our Healthy Himalayan Salt blocks, slabs, composite walls and more. Our solutions fit many applications from homes, restaurants, spas, and a wide range of hospitality venues. These solutions include accent walls for a distinctive look   Click HERE for more information or to explore the vast possibilities.
​​Deb was born in New York and has lived in the southern US for over 20 years! With an education in Nutrition, Exercise Physiology, Art and Business and a background in Sales, her interests are many! She has been in the Technology world for 20+ years, starting and managing several companies and business lines. An analyst by nature, she spends her spare time developing new ways to bring  ELEMEANTS'  two  core  product  lines of CHEF PREP & SERVE and HOME, HEALTH & WELLNESS into new markets and channels. She also handles R&D of new items, searching ways of combining product lines, features and functionality to create greater value and usability!  A nature lover at heart, she treasures the treks she and Hugh take exploring mountains, streams, great restaurants and secluded hideaways that this great and country and exiting world has to offer.
Hugh was born in Tennessee and grew up in the Southeast. He was educated and worked as an engineer for the first 25 years of his career. After experiencing a "forced retirement", he filled some of his spare time creating wonderful items from Bois D'arc (Osage Orange-the hardest native wood in North America). Sculpting with this wood he notes, "...reveals the intricacies of God's design in nature. I simply uncover it!"  This soon developed into our CHEF PREP & SERVE LINE and ultimately our Himalayan Salt Line. Hugh is passionate about designing and constructing Himalayan Salt walls and rooms for both residential and commercial applications. Finally, and most importantly, he loves time with his kids and spending hours combing the back roads and  woods with Deb.


Our Bath and Spa line is designed for Health and Wellness of the Body, Mind and Spirit! Utilizing our Himalayan Salt with its pureness and over 84 minerals and trace elements, we have created candle holders, bath salts and scrubs, massage stones and soothing lighting of Himalayan Salt! Naturally bacterial and microbe resistant (think the Dead Sea), this salt cleanses, refines, soothes and purifies our environments AND our bodies! Whether used as a health drink in the form of Sole or a full detoxifying bath, our products will help balance pH and blood sugar levels. It works from the outside in and the inside out! For more information, or to shop this collection, click HERE.

Welcome to ELEMEANTS!

Exquisite items for preparing, serving and displaying your culinary creations ~ ELEMEANTS chef boards, blocks, bowls and trays utilize rare and exceptional woods, stone, metal and even Himalayan Salt! All handmade with the enthusiast as well as the professional FOODIE in mind, these pieces are meant to be seen and used! Many serve double duty as decor items throughout your home! Start your search by clicking HERE.
Deeply mined and completely natural, this amazing salt was formed during the Triassic Era in what was once a Primal Sea. This salt possess over 84 minerals and trace elements that our bodies require and utilize. It goes through none of the bleaching, filling or heating of regular table salt. Explore our extensive Edible line and learn how you can bring these benefits to your life by clicking HERE.

ELEMEANTS~Earth's Treasures with Renewed Meaning ~ Our tagline says it all, and hopefully explains the funny spelling of our company name!

We offer unique items and solutions that whenever possible, are created from all natural materials. From this basic philosophy grew two primary product line categories of Home, Health & Wellness and Chef Prep & Serve. By the very nature of these products, they make people feel good AND feel good about themselves. As we searched our little part of the globe for these treasures, we discovered many additional benefits were possible that were only realized by increasing our knowledge of the materials and incorporating and combining them. A couple of examples are Himalayan Salt Rock and Bois D'Arc Wood. Both of these incredibly diverse and benefit rich materials possess qualities that set them apart in their categories.

     Himalayan Salt, unlike commercial table salt; is not only great tasting and beautiful, it is actually HEALTHY! The uses and benefits are VAST. Mined from deep within the Himalayan Mountains, sheltered by time and modern day pollutants, this Salt is in a category of its own! With a crystal clear, to pink to deep rich red-orange color that hints at one of its minerals (iron), this incredible salt actually possesses over 84 minerals and trace elements that are required by our bodies for function and processes. We craft this gorgeous salt into candle holders and lamps, bath salts and scrubs, gourmet finishing salts, cooking and serving slabs, bowls, and glasses, as well as massage and exfoliation stones! We even build entire ROOMS from this salt!

      Another material that we love working with is Bois D'Arc. Also known as Bodark, Bodeck, Osage Orange, HedgeApple, Horse Apple and many other common names;  Bois D'Arc is an indigenous shrub/tree to North America and has the densest wood fiber of all indigenous trees. In fact, when dried, it is second only to COAL from a BTU perspective! This density makes it superbly suited for our Chef Prep and Serve Boards.  The swirls and knarly nature create some very unusual sculptures, candle holders, center pieces and other objets d'art.

      Though these materials are our favorites to work with, we both love natural stone just as much!  Whether rocks, minerals or semi-precious gems; we have been known to fly away on a mountain adventure in pursuit of the unknown and have to rent a car to drive home to haul our "treasures" back!  We use stone extensively throughout our Chef Prep and Serve Line as well as our Home Decor Line. Check out our EDUCATION PAGE  as well as our BENEFITS PAGE which offer much more information as well as regular updates on new products, uses and benefits.