Hugh was born in E Tennessee and grew up in the Southeast. He was educated and worked as an engineer for the first 25 years of his career. After experiencing a "forced retirement", he filled some of his spare time creating wonderful items from metal, stone, and wood, especially Bois D'arc (Osage Orange-the hardest native wood in North America). Sculpting with this wood he notes, "...reveals the intricacies of God's design in nature. I simply uncover it!" Once we discovered Himalayan Salt, it became our #1 material. Hugh is passionate about designing and constructing Himalayan Salt walls and rooms for both residential and commercial applications. His lighting designs have put us head and shoulders above the competition for functionality, beauty and accessibility. Finally, and most importantly, he loves time with his kids and spending hours combing the back roads and  woods with Deb.


ELEMEANTS-Everything Himalayan Salt!

From gallery quality designed pieces, to highly custom doors, reception counters, benches, lighting and statement pieces, ELEMEANTS STUDIO LINE will help to tie your overall decor into the theme of your spa or business.

   At ELEMEANTS, we have dedicated our company and our lives to Himalayan Salt. With backgrounds in engineering, technology, project management, construction and health & wellness, we discovered some of the vast benefits many years ago and started incorporating this wondrous salt into our product line and as a material in our custom made pieces. Eventually, we began designing, consulting, and constructing Salt Spas, Caves, Walls, Panels and rooms for homes, offices, wellness centers and even restaurants and other hospitality venues. As we have evolved, we have formed 3 distinct divisions: ELEMEANTS ARCHITECTURAL ENVIRONMENTS, ELEMENTS Studio Line, and ELEMEANTS Retail Line. Each line offers different solutions to the consumer and businesses.

     Himalayan Salt, unlike commercial table salt, is not only great tasting and beautiful, it is actually HEALTHY! The uses and benefits are VAST. Mined from deep within the Himalayan Mountains, sheltered by time and modern day pollutants, this Salt is in a category of its own! With a crystal clear, to pink to deep rich red-orange color that hints at one of its minerals (iron), this incredible salt actually possesses over 80 minerals and trace elements that are required by our bodies for function and processes.  Known to form negative ions, which have many positive benefits on the body and mind, the salt is also very stunning to look at.  What was once part of the primal sea, this ancient sea salt has colorations, sediment layers, swirls and crystal formation that is unlike any other material on Earth! Back lighting the salt will demonstrate all the wonderful characteristics of this magical salt.

     The ELEMEANTS team have developed the very best in lighting techniques. You will not see hideous rope light lines behind our salt. A wash of light that enables you or your clientele to focus their attention on the wonders of the salt and its relaxing and healing benefits!



Our Core Philosophies

ELEMEANTS is based out of Ferrum, VA, in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Please fill out a contact form or reach us directly at:

Phone: 540.420.8524 

ELEMEANTS Product Lines 

Having run a successful Himalayan Salt retail business both online as well as a brick and mortar concept, we know the trends, what does and does not work and the best pieces for your business. 

Meet the Owners, Designer & Builders

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It is important to us that we create experiences and products that we ourselves would want and will appreciate. Quality, care and passion go in to our work and we feel that customer and client thrill is our number one goal.  Treating others as we ourselves would want to be treated is an inherent theme in how we handle our company, clients, customers and our customer's customers!  Whether crafting one of our original designed night lights or designing a full Salt Therapy Spa, we utilize these philosophies in all we do.  We hope it shows through!


​​Deb was born in New York and has lived in the southern US for over 20 years! With an education in Nutrition, Exercise Physiology, Art and Business and a background in Sales, her interests are many! She has been in the Technology world for 20+ years, starting and managing several companies and business lines. An analyst by nature, she spends her spare time developing new ways to bring  ELEMEANTS'  three  core divisions - ELEMEANTS ARCHITECTURAL ENVIRONMENTS, STUDIO and RETAIL into new markets and channels. She also handles R&D of new items, searching ways of combining product lines, features and functionality to create greater value and usability!  A nature lover at heart, she treasures the treks she and Hugh takes exploring mountains, streams, great restaurants and secluded hideaways that this great country and exiting world has to offer.
At ELEMEANTS ARCHITECTURAL ENVIRONMENTS, we can assist you in creating walls, rooms, saunas and more out of our Healthy Himalayan Salt blocks, slabs, and boulders. Our solutions fit many applications from homes, restaurants, spas, and a wide range of hospitality venues. These solutions include our accent wall panels for a distinctive, custom and portable look.   Click HERE for more information or to explore the vast possibilities.

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