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At the core of our solutions is a wondrous rock crystal salt called Himalayan Salt.

Hidden deep within the Himalayan mountains, sheltered safely away by time and from modern day pollutants, lies an amazing  testament to this Earth's incredible  beauty, diversity, history and geology. The story goes back millions  of years, 600 million or so to be  exact; to the Precambrian era and what once was a Primal Sea. Over eons  the sea  evaporated, tectonic  and sedimentary activity formed  massive  mountains that  covered this sea.  Flash forward  to 326  BC. Alexander

The Great had launched a campaign into northwest India into what is now Pakistan. As his troops were passing  through the Jhelum and  Mianwali regions, it was observed that the troop's horses were persistently licking rocks  along the trail.  Miraculously, the ailing horses recovered at much faster rates after licking  the stones.  Eventually  the Khewra Salt Mine (also known as The Mayo Salt Mine) began and is now the world's second largest.

It's Pink!

Himalayan Salt has a most unusual characteristic that immediately sets it apart from traditional

sea or table salt. Upon first sight, this salt typically produces reactions of surprise and amazement and the comment, "It's Pink!" Though salt can be found in most every color of the spectrum, typical sea salt is white or colorless. Traditional table salt is pure white as it has been chemically processed and bleached for uniformity and a look of "purity". Himalayan Salt is pink due to its mineral and trace element content.  It actually exhibits coloration from clear, colorless to deep blood red and many shades and hues in between.  It has been discovered that it possesses over 80 minerals and trace elements, depending on the test sample and vein that it was taken from. Add the fact that this salt goes through none of the processing of typical salt which has been heated to a point where the crystalline structure is no longer "live", filled with silica and other fillers to prevent caking and for better dispensing from shakers. Himalayan Salt starts off better and remains better!  As  for the processing, it is washed and dried and cut into boulder, chunks, 

slabs and bricks to be used for all sorts of applications. From there it is subdivided into edible and "other", the only difference being how it is stored and transported. 

Salt-The Fifth Element?

ELEMEANTS has  its origins  surrounding  the  CLASSICAL  ELEMENTS of  EARTH,  AIR, FIRE and WATER, with EARTH being our primary element of focus. Though salt falls in the EARTH category, it  is  often said that SALT is the FIFTH ELEMENT. We  simply and  literally cannot live without  it. Not  only is it  essential  for many bodily processes, try c ooking a  decent  meal without  it!  Salt is a necessary component to all life in general. The balance  of Earth  itself depends on salt!  The uses and benefits are so  incredibly vast, we could devote an entire  business to it, and  we nearly  have!  It  has gotten a bad rap in the food and health industries  mainly due  to  the  over-processing  of  traditional table salt combined with the over use of it in prepared foods. 

Salt has endless commercial uses. One example is its ability to lower the freezing temperature of water, and as such, salt is widely employed on roads and walkways throughout the world to melt snow and ice.In addition to the commercial chemical industry, it is widely used in the food industry to cure meats and to preserve  prepared  foods and to can vegetables.  Salt has  gotten a bad rap in the  food and  health industries mainly due to the over-processing of traditional table salt combined with the over use of it in prepared  foods.  One of  the   most  encouraging  aspects of  salt is  that  it  is  naturally  recyclable and renewable!  For  more  information  or to  shop  our Himalayan  Salt  Line,  click  here