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Health & Wellness Applications

ELEMEANTS Himalayan Salt products have many uses and benefits in our bodies, homes, environments - OUR LIVES! In addition to gorgeous lamps, gourmet salts, nourishing Sole, and cooking aids; this salt many other uses as well. Due to its translucency and incredible coloration, using it as a back lit wall provides a warmth and tranquility that cannot be matched. Whether adding just a wall or two or an entire room in your home, office, restaurant, or other hospitality space; Himalayan Salt walls do more than just calm and soothe. Lighting and warming these crystals creates a negative ionic environment, which not only purifies the air, but is known to improve overall wellness and well-being. The beautiful hues that the stone casts provide soothing tones that are reminiscent of sunrises, sunsets and fireplaces. Utilizing the slabs and chunks as Speleotherapy, which is an ancient natural technique, provides countless benefits.

 ELEMEANTS can assist you in creating salt walls, cabins, caves, saunas and beds or highly specialized Salt rooms that provide breathing and skin therapies via our Halogenerators.

 As an addition to your spa, yoga or fitness facility, chiropractic clinic or as a stand-alone business venture, these rooms provide intensive value and benefits for your clients and new and sustainable revenue streams for your business. Salt rooms as a whole are a huge part of a global megatrend in Wellness and Spirituality which includes homeopathic and naturopathic trends. Declining global air qualities have led to spikes in asthma, allergies, chronic bronchitis, COPD and many other breathing disorders. In fact, over 300 million people suffer from asthma alone and 40% are children. Many studies have linked these increases to the worldwide rise in Autism Spectral Disorders. There is also a significant incline in skin disorders such as psoriasis and eczema. All of these health issues can be mitigated, controlled and even cured with the aid of salt therapies. SpaFinder's 2011 Report ranked Salt Spas, Rooms and Caves #3 in their tops trends, noting that Salt Spas are even catering to the very young population in the form of kid's salt rooms! Click HERE to request more information or an appointment with our specialists.

Here is a short list of some of the businesses that are experiencing the visual and health benefits  of Salt Therapy additions:

                                             Spas and Salons

                                             Pilates and Yoga Studios

                                             Health and Fitness Centers


                                             Wellness Centers

                                             Med Spas

                                             Massage Centers


                                             Detox and Recovery Centers


                                             Hotels, Resorts and Cruise Ships

                                       Night Clubs


                                             Custom Builders

As a stand-alone salt therapy clinic, or as a great addition to your existing enterprise, find out how ELEMEANTS can help you bring these vast benefits to your business! We can assist you from concept through cash flow.

Browse through some of the installs and ideas here, and let us assist you in creating the most amazing salt spa clinic for your clients!