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​​​​There is a growing trend in home improvement and new home development toward adding spaces that will improve health, wellness and evoke a sense of well-being. It is common that flex spaces, lofts and spare bedrooms are becoming fitness, yoga, massage and meditation spaces. In fact, the building industry is starting to see these rooms becoming more popular than media rooms in many markets! A major shift from family bonding over multi-media to more healthy activities is key to this phenomenon. ELEMEANTS is very in tune with these trends and the lifestyle needs that are driving it. Adding one of our Himalayan Salt columns, accent walls, or even an entire room or salt sauna will not only create a relaxing haven for peace and tranquility, it will improve the home's air quality and ease many of the symptoms of allergies, asthma and other breathing issues.

  Solutions for the Home Environment 

       We have many uniquely designed functional pieces that double as salt walls and negative ion generators!  ELEMEANTS is your #1 source for adding this healthy and living        solution to your home!  We will work with you to understand what your objectives are, provide you with the right design and functionality to meet your needs! are Home          owners, cal l us today at  214.662.1118  or request  a consultation  HERE.  Alternatively, we  will work with  your builder,  designer, or remodelers  to get  just  the  look 
     and functionality you are looking for.  Builders, Designers and Remodelers see our PROFESSIONAL PAGE  or​ REACH OUT TO US HERE.