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​​​​​Application Examples

  Each and every project is different. From budget, time line, application and business plan, our projects are as unique the stones used to create them! Here are some of the many applications for this amazing natural element. 

​  The Halotherapy industry as a whole is well into the 2nd Generation in the US, and at the cusp of the 3rd Generation; and we understand these trends. We strive for a design that will be timeless and produce the greatest ROI possible. More salt does not equate to a better result in both Halotherapy Treatment and Financial Returns perspectives. Conversely, an austere and clinical look will not produce a healthy return rate of customers. Helping you to set a realistic budget is one of our strong suits.
  We have an aesthetic and artistic approach and seek to avoid the "theme park" appearance.   In addition, we strive for a very natural illuminated end result, seeking  to avoid "rope lines" or other undesirable  effects  in the lighting. Enduring quality, ease of maintenance and understanding your needs are part of what we design into each and every project. Unless specifically requested, we do not  typically use pre-fabricated salt panels or stock lighting as we want your project and installation to be as unique as you are! As one can see, there are  many ways to add this incredible  element to any environment. 

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